CLIA, Cruise Norway and European Cruise Service issue updated Menon report

Based on the Menon Economics report “Cruise tourism must be developed as an integrated part of the tourism industry in a sustainable manner”. CLIA, Cruise Norway, and European Cruise Service, are releasing an updated report from Menon Economics.  The Menon report was provided earlier this year as a contribution from various stakeholders to the Destination Committee in Norway. The main point is to explain and establish a strategy for a green, sustainable development of cruise tourism as an integrated part of the Norwegian tourism industry.
The report highlights the international cruise industry’s commitments to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and support to EU’s strict regulations. New alternative fuel mixes, batteries, and shore power will together support the industry’s ambition to achieve net zero – provided that it is facilitated with good infrastructure and constructive adjustments.

“We are very pleased with the work Menon has done, illustrating what the cruise industry can contribute to Norway society. We can do many things ourselves, but we also depend on strengthened cooperation with authorities both locally and nationally. I often say that cruising is the travel sector that has one of the shortest path to zero emissions but, for this to happen, we and the authorities need to communicate on practical solutions available.”

Marie-Caroline Laurent, Director General, Europe, CLIA

CLIA, Cruise Norway, and European Cruise Service will be present at this year’s Arendal Week to present the Cruise Platform and debate the future of sustainable cruising in Norway. Participants look forward to the debate and hope to highlight and propose good solutions, especially considering the local communities that more or less live off cruise tourism and are affected by new regulations in the World Heritage fjords.
Event at Arendal Week: